Unfair Love

Greetings to all that are apart of my team here on my Website. I have reached hardship in my Life, that has limited my world and strength. As if being Homeless isnt enough I am fighting many obstacles. My Finance is in the test of her life, I have fought paying all needed Bill’s to keep her safe and whole. She have had her son of 13 taken and placed in a Orphanage home. Due to a very Abusive relationship to keep a roof for her and here son. But I told her I would help her and since to now it’s been hard but I never gave up nor left my commitment. She and her son has endured to much sadness and wronged doing. I just paid $1400 for Emergency Surgry. From being jailed due to rent being late this is Ghana I speak of. It has taken me down to keep them up yet I still do what I can. I’m calling out to the Hearts filled with Love and concern willing to help. I have a PayPal and will post my truth. Pratchet2018@gmail.com my Name Robert Pratcher. As I am Homeless I pray for help to help others in need. My end result is to marry her, we have a Lawsuit against FedEx employee and FedEx for theft of $500 in a Insured package. A Lawyer there is $1800. But God is our Strength it’s been hard but He is in control. I Ask please Help us 👼 of God. Thank You for Reading May God Bless us All Budmonoil

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